Collection: I-CLIP

From the idea to the finished product

Inventor Frank Mayer started with sketches to define the design, functionality and ease of use. Through constant testing and reviews, it has managed to set a standard for functionality, design and quality: because I-CLIP is the most tested and minimalist wallet on the market, meaning the essentials can always be at hand.

Ultra flexible to store up to 12 cards and many banknotes

Say goodbye to bloated wallets. Thanks to the flat, compact and versatile design of the I-CLIP, you can fit it perfectly in trousers, jackets and even shirt pockets. Thanks to the rounded corners and the resin structure, it remains optically invisible, which means that the most important things are safely stored in contact with the body.

The large window on the back allows quick and easy access to each individual card. The integrated, highly elastic banknote clip not only creates space for banknotes, but also offers the possibility of storing banknotes clearly, panoramically and sorted by size. The elegant leather cover preserves the contents and is joined to the frame by a button, so that cards and banknotes are protected from damage and do not get lost.